App development for iPad & iPhone

Preview announces the launch of consultancy and application development services for the iPad and iPhone.  Building on its core transformation and modernisation focus, Preview is pleased to announce development of advanced custom iPad applications specifically for the insurance and financial services industry.

The development team has a range of apps in production with the capacity to mobilize and deliver immediacy to the insurance sector.  This service extension continues Previews dedication to delivering innovation to the insurance industry and beyond.

Taking the combination of mobile device technology and applications to the insurance shop floor, iPad technology extends the reach of the insurer.  Consider the possibilities and opportunities around insurance self service, asset tracking or real time/on the spot claim functionality... Fashion consumer and operations apps; create marketing, automation, process improvement initiatives and more. Imagine opportunities around iAd functionality for insurance marketers. Rolling out with the latest iPhone OS, iAd allows iPhone developers to embed ads in apps.

Utilising a sleek new form factor and marrying a range of mobile technologies - GPS, 3G, wifi – the Preview approach creates truly mobile business opportunities. iPad is innovative technology that delivers immediacy, barrier-less entry to market, no complex  configuration and pushes insurance technology to the future. iPad technology has arrived and it will allow business to truly ‘touch’ its customer!

“We are excited to offer app development for the iPad and iPhone platforms...  possible only due to the specialized skills retained within Preview, and a focus on innovation and holistic solutions” says Andy Haddon, Preview’s Managing Director. “.

We believe in this technology and are investing heavily in it. We believe in taking innovation to our clients; our teams can quickly develop and deploy custom apps”, Haddon said “The iPad is Apple’s latest exciting technology. Along with iPhone, it's a great platform for building mobile apps”

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