End to end and all the bits in the middle

Complete solutions from strategy through technology development and implementation.

Preview is the number one provider of solutions to the Australian Insurance industry. With years of experience in modernization and transformation, the Preview offering is a holistic approach that embraces the newest technologies with existing and legacy programs to ensure the best outcome.

Building on Preview’s core transformation & modernization philosophy, the development team has a range of technologies in production with the capacity to mobilize and deliver immediacy to insurance services. Using contemporary approaches, Preview can build the virtual insurer, providing policy, claims, CRM, business processes. With SaaS, app and mobile device technology Preview extends the reach of the insurer further than ever before.

Preview gives you a view to the future!

For more information on Previews consulting & development practice for transformation & modernisation, call our offices in Sydney on 02 8213 9204 or email info@pre-view.com.au.

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