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Customer Rating drives profitability

Effective rating is at the heart of the insurance business function

How well an insurer determines what to charge for a specific risk and how accurate their rating function is—determines how profitable they will remain! Duck Creek Technologies ensure effective customer rating for maximum profitability and competitive advantage.

Duck Creek Technologies Rules and Rating program offers

  • High velocity rating and rules engine
  • Create, edit and manage custom,user-defined rates
  • Table design and update management
  • Database and XML schema support
  • Automated documentation and help
  • Testing, modeling and product analysis
  • Versioning and update management
  • Single point of change for updates
  • Supports tiering, ranking and other complex logic
  • Enables users to test “what if”scenarios

Duck Creek’s Rating solution can be used for stand-alone strategic rating services that deliver seamless integration with a company’s existing front- and back-end systems.

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