Transformation & Modernisation

The next generation digital enterprise

Flexible and responsive systems are more imperative than ever

Insurance faces continual challenge in a very competitive landscape.  Legacy environments require technological change and process improvement.

Preview brings modern thinking to legacy systems

This view plus best of breed IP and automated tools meets the legacy system challenge and improves return on investment.   Our people understand the insurance lifecycle and the business functions that serve them.

An experienced team and diverse expertise supports the complete business re-engineering process.

Insurance rules evolve slowly while technology changes rapidly

A complete business rules engine solution can enable the design, integration, automated execution, and optimisation of decisions within processes, and allow the business to react with speed to market forces and lead product innovation.

Specialist areas of focus

  • Business Rules / Decisioning solutions
  • Business Process Management
  • Database migration to DB2, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Re-engineering within existing language & SOA
  • Documenting legacy applications
  • Language migration e.g. Cobol to Java or C#
  • Tuning & re-architecting for performance
  • Web enablement & smart GUI
  • Product distribution
  • Hollowing & APIs to workflow, rating engine etc.

What is transformation and modernisation to insurance today?