Ensuring realistic capitalisation

Better management of capital & risk

Stakeholders measure the insurers stability and reliability on its capital adequacy. Prudential standards acknowledge that ‘Capital is the cornerstone of an insurer’s strength’ (APRA, 2005)

URS Ultimate Risk Solutions have created the worlds best tool for calculating Dynamic Financial Analysis (DFA)and Capital Adequacy. URS provides all aspects of DFA in a single package:

  • Portfolio Risk Modelling
  • Evaluation of Ceded and Assumed Reinsurance
  • Compliance with Rating Agencies and Regulators
  • Economic Capital calculation and allocation
  • Cash flow analysis, Financial Statement Modelling
  • Compatibility with RMS/EQECAT/AIR Cat Models

URS simulates a wide span of corporate activities and uses a variety of metrics, such as earnings, return on investment, liability exposure, operational risk, or varying regulatory requirements in order to develop a comprehensive risk profile of a single company.

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