Enriching insurance customers 'master data'

Offering unrivalled value to customer centric record keeping

Mastersoft develop solutions that ensure integrity and enrich the insurance customer master data.  Mastersoft solutions are unrivalled in the value that they add to data integrity, data mining and the management of customer centric record keeping, specifically in the areas of

  • Idenfication
  • Validation
  • Mapping
  • Geo coding

Mastersoft solutions work the basics of correct address validation, through to helping clients implement a single customer view.  Critical  business decisions can be based on accurate, centralised customer information and constructive customer relationship insights are available in the context of a business’s driver.

Mastersoft and the Harmony suite are ideal for the complex customer management required by insurers.

At the heart of the solution is the Harmony suite - software tools that manage the three pillars of customer master data, Structure, Content and Relationships.

Product Suite

Mastersoft and the Harmony suite have a proven track record with some of the largest holders of customer information

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