Legacy Applications

Unrivalled expertise

Specialist legacy experience, in-house intellectual property and industry leading partners make Preview market leaders

Our technology specialisation covers COBOL through to .NET and Java EE and everything in between.  Insurance system expertise includes

  • Polisy, LIFE, Polisy 400, Life 400
  • HUON / Protect
  • Insure 90 and Koukia
  • Various other software solution and component vendors

Preview’s core transformation & modernisation philosophy provides leadership and direction

With a range of technologies in production, the world’s best IP partners and the capacity to mobilise, Preview deliver your future quicker and more cost effectively.

Providing product, rating, policy, claims, CRM and business process solutions through a selection of  'Commercial Off The Shelf' (COTS), SaaS and mobile device technologies – Preview extends the reach of the insurer further than ever before.

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Food for thought - Re Imagining IT:  Gartner 2011

Modest budget growth and growing legacy requirements have forced CIOs and IT to make heavy operational commitments. New lighter-weight technologies and IT models enable CIOs to reimagine IT and focus on two objectives that elude many IT organisations: growth and strategic impact.

Over the next five years, almost half of all CIOs expect to operate the majority of their applications and infrastructures via cloud technologies. This change requires that CIOs reimagine IT and lead it through a process of “creative destruction.”